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My Gym: Jack King’s Gym

We offer a variety of training equipment.

For those who are looking for serious training in a serious atmosphere, check out my gym in Winston-Salem, NC. At Jack King’s Gym you’ll find Olympic lifting equipment, a variety of machines & cardio equipment, and dumbells ranging from 3lbs to well over 100 lbs each.

Olympic lifting area

Olympic lifting area

You’ll always find a welcoming environment where serious athletes come to learn from and encourage one another. We have several members who are actively training for and competing in bodybuilding, figure, & Olympic lifting contests.

I am always eager to offer training advice for those who want it. I want nothing more than to see others succeed in reaching their goals.

Check out the website for Jack King’s Gym for more information. Also, check out this page for additional photos and info about the facility.

13 Responses to “My Gym: Jack King’s Gym”

  1. You have a great site!!!!!!
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  2. Hi Jack,
    Don’t know if you remember me or not, but I lifted in the Carolinas AAU from 1962 to about 1965 or so and had to get out because of a back injury. I am back in now with Masters lifting. I was talking to Kenny Moore from Lenoir the other day (who got me started in Olympic lifting when I was 15) and he said that you were possibly writing a book about Carolinas’ lifters. If that’s true, please let me know. I have a picture that you may possibly be interested in including in the book. Thanks, Bill

  3. Hi Jack you don’t know me but I wanted to give this a shot so here it goes I want to become a boxer I’m 22 years of age no job and no money I have a wife and a 4 month old son and I know prize fighting can bring money so I was wonder could you or someone you know train me for free and get me fights and ill be willing to make arrangements for my trainer and me to be paid when I win I have a bit of train too do but I should be ready by spring if I start now I wrestled and played football and have a little of marine training I just need a trainer and a sponsor and was hoping you could help my number is 3366821715

  4. Hi Jack! It has been many years since I was a Wake Forest Student who discovered your incredible Gym. Thank you for everything you taught me. Still lifting and running. Lived across the country during my corporate career- no gym can compare. Hope you remember me- began diligently working out in your place across from Shrocks in 1989! In south Florida now. Thanks, again. Abby

  5. I’m just now not confident exactly where you happen to be getting the information and facts, nonetheless good theme. I can devote a long time studying a lot more as well as knowing far more. Thank you for impressive data I’m looking for this data in my goal.

  6. Jack may not recall me, but he coached me in 1974-76 at the YMCA when I was attending Mt Tabor and RJR. Nice to see he’s doing fine.

  7. BTW Jack: If you are writing a book, and interested, I have some pics from the Reg 3 AAU powerlifting meet in SC. The pics feature lifters from the (then) new YMCA near RJR.
    My name if Robin Flores, and I am presently an attorney in Tenn

  8. do you have pics from the Olympic meet at the “new” Y in 1975 and 1976? I’d love to see if I am in any and will gladly buy copies from you.

  9. Hello Jack,
    Glad to see your gym is still going strong…you and I were training when you turned 50 and now I’ve turned 50. You taught me a lot and I’m passing it on to my son…hope your doing well.

  10. Jack,
    Hope all is well, worked out at your Gym when I was home from college (85-90). Your inspiration set me on a career path as a high school and collegiate strength and conditioning coach.

    Todd Hedrick

  11. Hey Jack, It’s Dottie. Worked for you ’78-’81, running partner. Great job, and keep up the great work. I learned a lot from you. Thanks so much.

  12. hello Jack, we have never met but i was invited to your gym about four months ago by a friend. for some reason i felt at ease there something i never feel in most gyms. i have attempted several times to approch you for training but punked out. i am 46 soon to be 47 5ft 11″ and never weighed more than 130 pounds (all skin and bones). i’ve tried EVERYTHING to gain weight or muscle mass and i just cant make it happen. i’ve lived in this unattractive body all my life. i dont think people understand how it feels to be the skinny man and never be thought of as sexy or feel sexy or attractive when you look in the mirow or to have your cloths hang from you instead of looking sexy in them. some may say im exaggerating but people have a tendancy to be brutally honest with their compliments and i have never heard the words, your so sexy or i like you muscles or just have a woman stair. ever! sometimes its not what you say it’s what you dont say. i feel i need this for me. i think about it all the time and i feel it inside. i need to see it on the out side. i am afraid to try at times because i dont wont to be dissapoited again. i hear peoples stories of going from flab to mucles and wonder if that could ever be me. i plan on stopped by the gym when i get up the nerve. I’d like to know your thoughts.

    thin and hopeless

  13. I was just wondering if Jack is still muscling around town. I started working out at the Central Y in the early 70’s and worked out on a regular basis at Jacks Gyms on Healy Dr and Hawthrone Road back in the day. Hope your doing well. Live On & Strong


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