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Ironheart: Jack King’s Story

By William Crawford, M.D.

MILO September 2009, vol. 17. No. 2

All of us are aware that weight training and physical conditioning are the routes to a more powerful life. How we feel and how we accomplish our goals and carry out our daily lives are dependent on our inner force – our mental outlook as well as our will – that is created by our physical being.

This is a story of my mentor Jack King, a man who became a top-level Olympic-style weightlifter first, and then a world champion physique competitor and an eternal source of encyclopedic knowledge on physical culture’s practical application. Jack is an example of how a life spent pursuing physical excellence can carry over to other aspects of living and can teach us some valuable lessons.

When I entered Jack King’s Gym in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for the first time at age 16 in 1978, I knew it would be a life-altering experience. The stiff mist of lifting chalk mixed with the smell of new bumper plates was tempered by the energy of heavy lifting in its purest form. Jack was the captain of this ship and he immediately gave me my place in this universe. Hard work and dedication was the path to respect as a lifter. Jack knew this path and all its bumps and curves. Continue reading “Ironheart: Jack King’s Story”


Jack King at the 1st Annual OCB No Gear Classic Greensboro, NC

Click to watch Jack King speak at the 2011 OCB No Gear Classic in Greensboro.

Jack King on Body Buidling (2011)

Starting Strength: The Tarheel Connection by Bill Starr

There were many factors that contributed to the resurgence of activity at the York Barbell Club in the mid-sixties. One that is often overlooked is the influence brought to the York Gym by lifters from other parts of the country. Olympic lifters in the various geographic regions seldom trained alike. The reason for this was rather simple: each locality was governed by a coach or lifter who had proven himself. Those who trained in that area usually followed the methods prescribed by that individual.

Continue reading “Starting Strength: The Tarheel Connection by Bill Starr”

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