Champion of the Masters’ Class 1983 AAU Gold Cup Physique Championships

I’m Jack King, former Olympic-style weightlifter & world-champion bodybuilder. I’ve been training since the age of 15 and I continue to train hard and mentor other athletes everyday at my gym in Winston-Salem, NC. Over my lifetime, I’ve encountered cirumstances that have led me to innovate new training techniqes, many of which I’ve shared with others to help them reach higher goals.

I’ve had calls from people all over the country who’ve read about me in a magazine or seen an article on the Internet. From college students to professional writers and athletes, people are always wondering if I’ll talk to them about training tips and how I accomplished certain goals in my career.

300-lb. press at 1970 Southern Regional Weightlifting Championships as a 198-lb. lifter

The fact is I’m always willing to talk and share what I know. I love doing just that. Therefore, based on the interest that people have shown about my career and training methods, I’ve started this blog as a way to share what I know about bodybuilding and Olympic lifting with a larger audience. I believe in hard work and dedication. With enough persistence, you can develop the physique that will help you reach your goals. Settle for nothing short of excellence.

Cover of the issue in which I was featured

Check out the Sept. 2009 issue of MILO, a Journal for Serious Strength Training Athletes, in which I was the first-ever physique competitor featured.