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Content of Books

Several folks have asked about the content of the four books to be coming out.

The first will deal mainly with push-ups. Another will focus on sprinting and running– how to plan runs, how to measure them, and the frequency for optimal results. Another will be dedicated to pull-ups. Content will focus on different variations and advantages of each variation. The last will be the most extensive book I’ve ever seen on diet and supplementation. The exhaustive nature of the diet/supplementation content is one of the reasons that the overall collection was divided into a four-part series. There would be way too much content for one book and it would make the book very expensive if all information was included in one binding.

I still do not have a date from JP, but I plan to give him a call tomorrow for an update.

Thanks for your continued interest and let me know if you have further questions.


59 Responses to “Content of Books”

  1. Thanks Jack, that clears it up a bit.

  2. Getting a date from John is like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands.

  3. Well, I think there are about a hundred pushup books out there already, and the running book? Last year Peterson said he could easily run a marathon in less than three hours and thirty minutes and was going to prove it at the Twin Cities Marathon. He didn’t show up. There are instructive pullup videos all over YouTube, and many, many Internet sites devoted to that one exercise. Nutrition? Peterson sells a line of very expensive and suspect supplements…are these going to be the basis of his recommendations? I’m leery of John Peterson…there are only a couple of his students who look like they even train. Despite many loud boasts about posting his own pictures to show everyone what incredible condition he is in, John has not posted a picture of himself in more than five years. He needs you a lot more than you need him.

  4. Hey Jack, i hope John publishes the book soon. It seems that nutjob Peterson, who likes to brag that he’s an ordained minister, Doctor of Naturopathy and an internationally recognized strength and fitness coach, is now starting to issue prophecies. Beware, something bad is going to happen before Dec. 21, 2012.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “I predict that as people start going hungry, that within a short span of time we will see civil disobedience in the USA at an unprecedented scale far beyond anything that has ever happened in our nations history. I believe Society will change in a big way before December 21st 2012. Now as you see these massive changes take place, remember, DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD. If you do, you will experience the same catastrophe that they will experience. ”



  5. hello mr king.
    since we’re talking about books- for those of us that would prefer to keep on weight lifting, what books would you recommend?

  6. Mr. King, too bad you did not write these books yourself. I imagine the first one would be out by now.

    I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but I have seen this all before. No disrespect towards you Mr. King. I believe you are an original thinker that does not rely on the work of others.

    I would have bought the pushup and pullup books, but I will take a pass now.

  7. No book yet. This is typical Peterson; all talk and no proof, no action, and as silly and petty as they come. A few months ago he was bragging about his long, wavy hair and was going to post a picture showing one and all how beautiful he was. No picture was ever posted, of course, but he lost his marbles a long time ago. Where I was once interested in the book, I think I’ll let this one go…

  8. Jack:

    Do you really want get involved with Peterson? He’s very unstable. He just lambasted a forum member for mentioning Dr. Darden’s forum on the Transformetrics forum. This is the email he sent:

    “Mr. whiffet,

    John Peterson here. Your assertion that slow rep dips can be learned at dr. darden’s site was a slap in the face. I have taught this for years. And I also teach a great deal that dr. darden does not. don’t do it again. The next time will be the last time. Show respect to me and Greg Newton and you will be welcome to participate on our forum.. No more slights. Not one.

    —John Peterson”

    Link: http://theofficebodybuildingworkout28918.yuku.com/topic/5885/Re-I-ve-insulted-John

  9. Jack King wrote:

    “I still do not have a date from JP…”

    Now, there’s a surprise. Lotsa luck waiting. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t know who Peterson really is before you got involved with him. Many’s the person who rues the day……..

  10. No date yet Jack?

  11. Peterson is now busy working on publishing a book by Dr. Young and he just reprinted something called the Sinkram course. With all the hype he’s given these two items why is a push up book needed? Furthermore, if he has timeto work on all of these other projects, why can’t he finish the push up book?

  12. Hello Mr. King. I was just wondering why you can’t write a calisthenic book by yourself, if you wanted, that is. Frankly, I would rather buy from you and the only reason I considered buying these was because of your assosciation. Anyway, just a thought.

  13. Great idea! Dump that tag-along Peterson and write your own book, Jack. He needs you a heckuva lot more than you need him.

  14. Nothing yet ????

  15. It’s almost July, and after months and months of bragging about how earth-shaking HIS book was going to be, the promised spring release date has come and gone. Go to his forum and there’s not a peep about it. Emails to Peterson get no response, and related forum posts are quickly deleted. Perhaps he’s spending too much time at those Minneapolis lakes showing off to the cigarette-smoking, prepubescent boys.

    • I heard from a couple sources from within the Bronze Bow compound that the book(s) project has been abandoned. Any truth to this rumor?

  16. Mr. King, is there any news of when your book or books will be out?

  17. It’s been a long time….
    No news?

  18. This may sound like a really silly question, but will there be a pushup book?

  19. Het Jack, if JP has time to write all of these other books why can’t he finish the push up book?

    “Now, for those that want to know, Greg Newton and I have written a completely illustrated training Book specifically for the Jungle Gym XT and we will be marketing it along with the Jungle Gym XT. We will be placing the Training book and the Jungle Gym XT on our web-site for sale in the near future.”


  20. 4-23-2010 John Peterson wrote:

    “I’m grateful to Joe, Greg, Andy62 and all of you that have extended your friendship to us. We are growing and we have several new projects that we will be launching (I’ll inform everyone of exactly when, when I have the final approved design in hand.) including Greg Newton’s own R.A.W. (Results Amplified Workouts) and several books and DVD’s of my own that we are working with Joe on. Believe it or not, I have written enough material for ten new books.”

    Funny, no one’s seen any of those ten new books. Are they due out before or after the pushup book? Whatever happened to “RAW”? Whatever happened to “GRITS”? Whatever happened to the soon to be released Swobby book? And now he’s coming out with some new (borrowed) product? In typical fasion he can’t think of a name himself, so he steals “Jungle Gym” from Lifeline and “TX” from TRX.

  21. Hey, the push-up book is finally there on sale at Transformetrics!!!

  22. Just in time for Christmas…

    The pushup book: http://www.grayhorsemedia.com/The%20Pushup%20Book.pdf

  23. Joe wrote:

    “Hey, the push-up book is finally there on sale at Transformetrics!!!”

    Where? I don’t see it in the products and there’s no mention of it in the forum.

  24. JP is working on another 12 books:

    “As many of you know I’m working with Dennis Rogers on a series of 12 Courses that will be collectors items for everyone that wants to develop “Super Human Strength” in Body, Mind and Spirit. Dennis is truly a man of God and one incredible human being. ”


    Hey Jack, why can’t he finish the push up book up first?

  25. Hi Jack,

    I’ve talked to John Peterson quite a few times about your collaboration and have seen the rough drafts. It is an excellent program for bodybuilding with bodyweight exercises. I also wrote several drafts for the introduction, and mine may be the one used. We’ll see. It was an honor and a privilege to write it, whether it gets used or not.

    I’ve had to laugh at some of the comments on your blog. Some people have too much time on their hands.

    Yours in Health and Fitness,

    Greg Newton

  26. Greg u dont even look like u workout, i have never in my life seen someone post so many pictures of himself and look as crappy as u do, u have no abs, just a weird looking mass of undeveloped muscle and fat,u act like your some expert on working out, but who would take advice from a guy that looks as bad as u do.

    I really think u have some disorder that makes u think u look one way, but in reality u look bad, for some one claiming to be a fitness expert.

    Just because a few outa shape people on your “fitness” forum think u look ok means nothing, go to jacks gym and see what people there would think of u.

  27. Whats really funny about greg newtons delusional bs he thinks his wife laurie newton is some exotic looking chick, and in typical fashion laurie newton from her pics is hard to tell if she or it is a man or a woman?

    Greg is your wife a man? He/she i cant tell , im sure u can tell us, all i know he or it is ugly as hell, but please tell us if your married to a she male or what?

  28. Jack kings owns words, weight training is king, so how these dumb fucks like greg newton, and john peterson are trying to twist his words in some way how he got his build by doing pushups is 100% false.

    Jack king did not by his own words get his build by doing push ups, so all u stupid fucking twats need to read jack kings own words and comprehend that he DID NOT GET HIS BUILD BY JUST DOING PUSHUPS.



  29. Haveing recently looked at the transformetrics bodybuilding gallery, i have never laffed so hard in my life, there is not 1 person there that looks half way built, it baffles my mind that they can even call it a bodybuilding gallery.

    I actually work out at jacks gym, and had to check out what every one in this blog was saying, i have to say this transformetrics is a complete joke, im still not sure if it is some sorta bad joke, all of us that work out at jacks gym look 10x better than any of those guys there at transformetrics, and jack sorry my freind u have said the exact same thing about these guys, on how pathetic they look.

    Well i guess u will give me crap at the gym tommorow, oh well :)

  30. @ Roger … you really are an unpleasant chap. Your hate-filled comments about Greg Newton and his wife are below the belt. You should feel ashamed.

    Everyone has the right to disagree with the the Transformetrics methology, but your vicious comments reveal your true character.

  31. Roger (or should I say, BodybyBands?) is a bit beastly. Greg Newton gives us plenty of ammo without us having to start on his wife

  32. Hey, the push-up book is finally there on sale at Transformetrics!!!

    Just in time for the spring!!!


  33. Yes John dee i am roger, but i really dont care what u or greg newton think of me. I think greg is a arogant prick, and the fact he thinks he is gods gift to women is crazy. So when he said that his wife is some sorta exotic princess i had to reply.

    I probably said it in the wrong way, but i stand by what i have said.

  34. Nice try “bodybybands” Next time you try to imitate me, you could capitalise the “I”, put “an” in front of arrogant and spell arrogant correctly. I also never write “sorta”
    Dumbass. LOL

  35. Sorry bruv u r rite u got me figurd out again i am just jelus bcoz u r so orsum but i like u and reely

  36. Im big scrub of england, and yes i am such a pile of crap that wastes most of his time messing with the traNSFORMETRICS SITE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO, BECAUSE IM SUCH A FUCKING LOSER THATS ALL I HAVE IN MY PATHETIC LIFE.

    • Jack:

      Please ignore the posts of the troglodyte vermin above. They simply have too much time on their hands. Serious question though, it’s been almost a year since your April 18th post. Any news yet? Or, is your chain being yanked? You should consider publishing a book on your own instead of lending your good name and reputation to a bunch of narcissistic losers that can’t get their act together.

  37. Jack:

    Please ignore the posts of the troglodyte vermin above. They simply have too much time on their hands. Serious question though, it’s been almost a year since your April 18th post. Any news yet? Or, is your chain being yanked? You should consider publishing a book on your own instead of lending your good name and reputation to a bunch of narcissistic losers that can’t get their act together.

  38. Wow! Today’s sort of an anniversary, isn’t it?

    on 4-18-11 Jack King wrote:

    “I still do not have a date from JP, but I plan to give him a call tomorrow for an update.”

    So, what’d you find out, Jack?

  39. Jack said, “Looks like the book should be out in the Spring.”

    He just didn’t tell you ‘which’ spring…

    I don’t think it’s this one either :) :) :)

  40. A live update!!

    One of the Blow’s few remaining members wrote:

    “Hi everyone just wondering if Johns new push up book is still happening as it has been a long time since we’ve had an update or any news of it.”

    JP blathered:

    “The answer is YES! I will be making an announcement when it is ready.”

    Well, there you have it, folks! Straight from the proverbial horse’s ass. I mean mouth.

    The question now remains, “when it is ready”, does that mean in our lifetimes?

  41. This just in!

    “Some (books) are on the backburner. Some are waiting for financial backing. Some just aren’t ready yet. Others, like the Jack King pushup book will take a different form from what was originally envisioned. ”

    – Greg “JP’s Boy” Newton

    i.e., sans Jack King?

  42. Hey Jack:

    Did you see what those a–holes are saying about you:

    “No offense to Jack, but the rough draft and the programs inside began becoming 99% John Peterson and very little Jack King”

    Link: http://transformetrics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10140

  43. Based upon the same link cited above it looks like the book collaboration is dead. No surprise that it ended this way.


    Time to do your own book, Jack.

  44. See what Marlon Birch has to say (Marlon finally came out with his book, on his own, without help):

    Peterson and Books

    11-May-12 11:46 AM

    The next thing that I’m asked is “What Ever Happened with Peterson”? So…Ill say it here as well.

    Peterson is known for getting his lackeys to do all his dirty work for him. That’s how he works to maintain a clean image! In 2003 my friend sent me an email on Peterson and said hey Marlon this guy does the same exercises as you do. So, I sent for Peterson’s book. I was Impressed! So, I sent him an email and told him I’ve bought his book and I myself perform self resistance. told him my measurements and he proceeded to say, when his books goes into print again…he wants me to pose for it. I declined and said, sorry, I’m coming out with my own book later on this year! he said lets do it together. This was April 2004 now.

    My Wife said do it, it’s about time! I told John all about how I started what I did and so on. All Dreams Smoke and Mirrors this guy came with…and his famous words he will publish your book! There’s more than a dozen he’s told this to. But, what normally happens? He steals the methods, Ideas and all the text you send him. I told Peterson about My Uncle many years ago and isometrics. No my uncle never did dynamic tension he said that will never do anything!

    Anyway, I told Peterson about my uncle and me and a bet we made and what happened 3 months after at a family get together……..Then to my great surprise This Uncle Milo was invented in Miricle seven! (very nice) I find it very hard to believe that theres pictures of everyone else in this guys books and none of these famous uncle wally, grandfather and a supposed milo. They don’t exist! Never did! The Real Reason…..I’m not doing stuff with peterson is that……he told myself and my wife I need a good story and that sells books!

    So, in all truth that’s my story now! there’s loads more….plenty more but I’m sure you all see for yourself!

    Peterson…when you read this…..You need to spend more time working with people instead of using them! That’s all I have to say………..Now call up one of your pals now and keep up with your dirty work!

    Link: http://theofficebodybuildingworkout28918.yuku.com/topic/7308/Marlon-Birch-Do-I-Lift-Weights-Yes-Or-No-The-Answer?page=1

  45. So here is an idea… can we stop talking about John Peterson on this site. If we do, maybe, Mr. King could share some training information with us. I am assuming that is why he started this blog. I, for one, would appreciate it.


  46. Direct link: http://transformetrics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10240

    Here’s JP’s post:

    Hey friends,

    Several of you have asked about the Push-Up book that I was doing with Jack King. Here is my response.

    The Push-Up book will released as part of the ‘Living Strength Training System’ but it does not contain any text written by Jack King. Jack is a great man and extremely knowledgeable. I have great respect for him and I do have a profile about him but he did not write a single sentence in the course.Here’s the deal straight up.

    Jack King loved lifting weights. He was a Champion Olympic style lifter and at a bodyweight of 197 pounds Jack totaled 900 pounds in the 3 Olympic Lifts. Naturally, as an Olympic style lifter from 1961 to 1976 Jack used steroids like every other competitive Olympic Lifter did at that time (they were not illegal then) and nearly died as the result of a life threatening condition that brought about liver failure due too the steroids shutting down his immune system. In time he regained his health by taking 20 grams of Vitamin C and 2400 units of natural Vitamin E daily. When he returned to the weights he did so without steroids but eventually ended his lifting career due to severe injuries to his shoulders that made all pressing movements of any kind with weights an impossibility. It was at this time that Jack took up body building and discovered that he could perform Push-Ups with his feet elevated at a very steep angle while Standard Push-Ups with feet on the floor caused him extreme pain. Slowly but surely Jack built his sets up to 150 reps per set using a partial range of motion(all the way down and about 80% back to the top). He performed only this one Push-Up variation and stated that it gave the best and most aesthetically pleasing chest and shoulder development he ever had. Jack performed his Push-Ups on Wednesdays and Saturdays and often performed 1,500 reps in a workout and on at least one occasion performed 2,000 repetitions. Jack stated very clearly that feet elevated Push-Ups were his only chest and shoulder exercise when his physique was at his all time best and he won the Masters Mr. America in 1997. It is true that he also did bent over rows with weights and some leg work with weights but that was pretty much the extent of his weight training, in other words just a few pulling movements because he could do no pressing movements at all. Then after a few years of performing Push-Ups Jack’s injured shoulders felt so completely healed that he went back to the weights that he so loved. Within six months his shoulders were injured far worse then they had been previously. Why was that the case? Because the Push-Ups at that angle had healed his shoulders and the angle was a major part of that healing due to the healing nutrients delivered via the blood stream. At that same time Jack’s super Intense high Volume Push-Ups built super human strength and endurance into the arm, shoulder, upper back and chest muscles and because of it Jack was able to use very heavy weights when he went back to the weights. This time they tore up his joints so bad that he could not even go back to his Push-Ups.

    Bottom line: I’m releasing the Push-Up Course and it is unlike any ever published. It includes profiles on Greg Newton, Rod Fisher, TJ Walsh, Tim Allen, Nate Clay and others that have used our exercises and particularly Push-Ups to heal their bodies and build extraordinary strength and fitness. I’m not including Jack as co-author because of the weight training issue. There are simply too many undesirables that would say that weights were the reason Jack won the Master’s Mr. America and make Jack’s life a nightmare with crazy questions.

    —John Peterson

    • The push-up course includes a profile of Greg Newton?? Hahahahahahaha! Has anyone seen this guy?? He’s nowhere close to being in shape or built.

  47. And so, yet another unsuspecting victim made the gross mistake of getting involved with John Peterson. Funny thing, just before the trashing of Jack King on the Transformetrics site, the book was set to go and the only thing holding it up was JP’s graphics person. Yet another lie. And now, in typical fasion, Jack King is being dissed on the Transformetrics forum with JP’s faithful sychophant right there to defend his lord and master. I wonder if, also in typical fasion, Jack King has been banned so that he can’t answer the lies being told about him?

  48. Constant bickering and bs…I’m sick of it!
    Why not replicate Mr. Kings pushup routine, working up to 1500 twice weekly followed by some chins and Sprints?
    Why wait for any book on pushups and bodyweight?
    Heck, Walker and Strode didn’t need instructions on how to maximize pushups, they simply did tons of them.
    Kings high volume pushup workout, some Sprints and chins twice weekly should be more than enough.
    JP is getting like the BeachBody crew.
    P90, then P90X, Insanity, now the bodybuilding program to get huge.
    And SUCKERS keep swicthing and spending more $
    because they are brainwashed.
    Hey suckers…just train hard on basic and time tested bodyweight exercises, eat right, and get adequate rest.
    Just my 2 cents :)

  49. Fantastic beat! I have to apprentice even though you change your website, the way may possibly my partner and i sign up to for any website web page? A consideration forced me to be a suitable package. I used to be a little bit comfortable on this the broadcast presented radiant crystal clear plan

  50. U guys blasting JP and Greg Newton should look in the mirror and figure out what u think make u better human beings.
    JP puts out excellent products at very fair prices, offers a wealth of info on his site as does Greg.
    And, JP takes calls, try getting Tony

    Horton or the big wigs at BB.
    I am making a public apology for comments posted previously.
    I called JP and the man was extremely gracious and inspirational.
    Neither may be perfect, but they are honorable and knowledgeable men.
    Mr. Peterson should be treated with respect, and in time will be looked upon as this era’s modern version of Charles Atlas.

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