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Updates and Responses to Questions

Looks like the book should be out in the Spring. It will be one of a four-part series.

As far as the differences between John’s training philosophy and my own, JP is entitled to his opinions. In my many talks with John, we’ve discussed his friends and acquaintances who have experienced injuries where they can no longer do weight work. In my own experience in twenty years of competitive Olympic lifting, I had a left elbow operation, tore a right thigh muscle, and made frequent visits to the chiropractor. Even with all the injuries, I wouldn’t trade anything for my time as an Olympic lifter. Just as football players and other athletes know, injuries are a part of the sport. You love the sport, so you take and accept that injuries are going to come along with it. If you’re trying to excel, you will have to deal with injuries. Due to injuries, we often have to improvise our training techniques in the event that we cannot use weights. You can see other posts on this blog where I have described my use of non-apparatus training to continue training body parts that I would otherwise have been unable to train with weights.

As far as the book is concerned, I am very excited. I truly believe when you read this book series that you all have all the ammunition you’ll need for the rest of your life on how to train and what to do in non-apparatus training.

You can feel comfortable in calling me at the gym with questions or concerns. I’m that interested in your success. The specific training questions you’ve asked in these blog comments will be addressed in the book or you can call me directly. The books will include pictures and demonstrations of training techniques with descriptions that are dead on.

Thank you all for your interest and I will update as much as possible.

Keep training hard,


8 Responses to “Updates and Responses to Questions”

  1. Thanks Mr. King for the follow up. I will try and give you a call at your gym. Thanks again and I do look forward to your series of books.

  2. Take that, Coyotes!! I told you John Peterson and I were going to do great things, and you laughed at us. Who’s laughing now, losers!

    Andy! Andy! We’re cool again!!

  3. Hi everyone ,I compete in natural bodybuidling contest. Ive been training under jack king for 11 years.I have been doing push-ups just as jack has told me to do them to give me a better pump and to bring more separation in the chest and tricep. Not only did I get more separation and a great pump but it also carried over into my weight training (meaning I was stronger pushing more weight and more reps )and that was not my intention at all , I think everyone is in for a real treat when the book comes out! Keep training hard!

  4. Mr. King, can you tell us what the first book will cover? Also, can you tell us the same for the other 3?

    Hard to figure who is worse, John’s guys or the others. Why don’t you take your petty differences somewhere else. Focus on training. From the looks of some of you, this would be the smart move.

  5. Mr. King, I had the same question as Rob regarding the content of the four books. Why you will be selling four books on pushups when there is a plethora of pushup books available?

  6. I’m a member/lurker at Peterson’s site and this is very good news. I am also confused why there will be four books, though Jerry, I do pushup flushes after every-other bench workout and I think they add a dimension to my training and development I cannot achieve any other way.

  7. Jerry, didn’t quite get the meaning of your post. I understand the books will all be different, I just did not know what each book will cover.

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