Based on the number of comments and great interest readers have expressed in my push-up routine, I have created this video in which the proper technique is demonstrated. During the demonstration, I provide commentary around the technique and it’s benefits.

Jerry Martin, winner of the Feb. 2010 NASF-sponsored President’s Day Festival, is the demonstrator. Just for the record, Jerry completes 110 push-ups in this video. Click here to view video of Jerry’s posing routine from that contest in which he won Best Poser. Jerry has trained at my gym since 2000. He added push-ups to his training regimen in the months leading up to the NASF competition and the gains really paid off.

There is a certain mentality, which I speak of in the video, that must prevail in taking up a hardcore push-up routine. Once the routine becomes standard and the results begin to show, no one will have to beg to you incorporate push-ups into your training routine. You’ll love what you see and this will motivate you over time.

Keep training hard,