I have people asking all the time what it is like to train at my gym. I always say that my gym provides a serious atmosphere for people who are serious about training.

What you’ll find is an environment where people are supportive of one another and will push each other to their limits, helping them reach the maximum potential. You’ll find people who know what they are doing and who are willing to share what they know with others who are eager to learn more. We have many members who are currently training for competitions and who are active on the scene. However, that does not mean that if you don’t want to compete that you should not consider Jack King’s as your home gym. Regardless of where you are physicially or where you want to be, if you want an environment where people are focused, supportive, and striving to be the best, check us out. Whether you’re looking for how-to’s or others who can challenge you to the next level, we encourage you to stop in.